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November 2013

Indigo Perfumery


If you are like most of us, we occasionally give ourselves a treat. Especially at this time of the year, you want to present your best self at the work office party, at your friends’ holiday parties and at home for the holiday festivities.

Finding that new fragrance can be a definite confidence booster.

Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to finding that elusive “perfect” fragrance.

When shopping for a fragrance:

-Start out with a just showered body with either no lotion or an unscented one.

-Do not wear a fragrance before shopping to give you the truest impressions of the scents you are testing.

-It is best not to shop for perfume after eating garlic, cumin or very spicy foods.

-After you have narrowed down your selections, begin by lightly spraying the perfume onto a tester strip. WAIT a minute or two before sniffing to allow the initial blast of alcohol to evaporate.

-If you like what you smell, further test by lightly spraying onto your arm. Again, WAIT to sniff for a minute or two until the alcohol evaporates.

-Evaluate over time. The top notes will dissipate over the next 10-15 minutes, revealing the heart notes and eventually the base notes, which linger for hours.

-Sample, sample, sample. It is very difficult to tell how the perfume will interact with your skin’s chemistry until you have discovered how the scent changes, which it will. A fragrance reveals its true nature over time as it evaporates on the skin.

-Do not assume your friend’s great perfume will be the same on you. Everyone’s chemistry is different, affected by skin type, diet, hormones, medications, acid balance, etc.

When wearing a fragrance:


-Store in a cool, dark place

-To apply, it is most important to spray or dab on the hot spots, such as the back of the neck. The skin’s heat will activate the fragrance all day.

-Also spray on the other pulse points (inside of elbow, wrist, groin, behind the knee, etc.).

-To prolong the life of a scent, first apply unscented lotion or cream which will trap the fragrance notes longer for added staying power.

-Keep in mind that oily skin (and a spicy or high fat diet) intensifys a scent (oils on the skin trap the fragrance notes ) versus dry skin which results in the scent evaporating more quickly.

-The “French” art of applying perfume is to walk through a mist of fragrance so that the whole body is coated in the scent, creating an even distribution.

-Be cognizant of your perfume’s sillage (trail of scent left behind you) and choose appropriately for the occasion. A strong perfume should not be worn in the office or on an airplane.


Do you have any other tips that helped you choose your “perfect” fragrance?


Indigo Perfumery


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Indigo Perfumery


The most common question I am asked when I meet customers for the first time is “Why?”

– a perfume shop? -niche perfumes? –here in Cleveland?

I think it is time to explain.

I’ve always loved perfume. Catching the waft of a lovely fragrance as someone walks by intrigues me. It tells me that they care, that they took the time to groom and take pride in themselves. There is nothing worse then having to suffer through sitting next to someone who is not fresh. On an airplane, it is downright insulting to the passengers around you. In the workplace, it is less than professional. After all, scent makes a first impression just as much as your business card or handshake, if not more.

Over time, my fragrance tastes have changed. I have been faithful to one scent for a year or two, but lately I’ve had a challenging time narrowing my choices down. I believe the main reason for this has been the discovery of niche perfumes; that is, perfumes that are created by small companies who create with passion and creativity rather than having to answer to a corporate marketing team whose only goal is to make money. That passion comes through loud and clear with each scented creation.

Smelling just like my girlfriend does not interest me. Nor will I ever anyway- our skin chemistries are unique and what smells fab on her may not on me. I am looking for a fragrance that is more personal, more unique. I am not interested in a “celebrity” fragrance any more than wearing what everyone else is wearing. My fragrances become an extension of me and I wish to project my best forward.

Which brings me to why I opened a perfume boutique. I wanted to bring to my home city a place of discovery for those interested in making that intimate choice of what fragrance to wear. Wearing a perfume is about subtlety, transformation and reflection- of one’s personality and individuality. Indigo Perfumery offers that choice to its discerning customers- to discover and savor the process of choosing a fragrance in order to find the scent that moves them most. Whether it be a perfume in the same fragrance family one is used to or a chance to step out of one’s comfort zone and try a new or unexpected direction, we are here to offer guidance if needed. With the element of exclusivity that the independent perfumers offer, our customers can enjoy the experience of seeking out rare brands.

The art of perfumery is very much alive in Cleveland!

Indigo Perfumery


Spend a Très Chic evening at Indigo Perfumery

shopping the Parisian-inspired jewelry of Chloe + Isabel


Thursday, December 5, 2013 from 7-9 p.m.

Jewelry Stylist Ginger Burnett will showcase the exclusive C + I Holiday Collection inside Indigo’s fragrant gallery filled with artisanal perfumes and scented candles.

Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served at this stylish holiday soirée!

Hope you can join us!

Indigo Perfumery

12011 Detroit Avenue  Lakewood, Ohio 44107


Indigo Perfumery


We’ve now been up and running for almost three weeks!

Folks are starting to find us and when they arrive, it’s fun to see their reactions when they sniff the amazing perfumes we carry. It is always a surprise for them- the scents are not the every day perfumes they smell while walking through the department stores.

Here are a few photos from our Grand Opening Party a week ago:

A huge thanks to Rey Antonsanti for his fab Latin jazz group music- perfection. And heartfelt thanks to our family and friends for their support. We had a great time!