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May 2014

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One of our most common requests is for fragrances to wear during the warmer months… for those times when your senses are on overload and you yearn for a clean and subtle fragrance.

You are in luck!

Indigo just brought in several scents that fit the bill perfectly as we are heading into summer. Avoiding heavy, musky or woody scents is preferable during the heat, which intensifies their fragrance and tends to be overpowering.

Instead, try citrus or aquatic scents that smell clean and fresh and will not bother those around you. They tend to wear off quicker, which can be a plus in the humidity. You may need to reapply more often, allowing you to enjoy those top notes and smell great.

(Tip from Andy Tauer himself: “Here’s how to keep the scent of any cologne a bit better: Spray generously on your chest, before putting on a cotton shirt immediately afterwards. The scent will permeate through the cotton and will stick with it, leaving you with a great clean cologne scent almost all day long. Does not work with synthetics….”)

As one of Andy Tauer’s readers described it, the re-release of Cologne du Maghreb is “Sun, bottled.” A true cologne, in the spirit of the first Eau de Cologne created in Germany back in the beginning of the 18th century, it is fresh, light and citrusy with an herbal contrast. Its longevity is longer than a traditional cologne due to its cedar wood and vetiver base. You can spray away and never overwhelm one’s neighbor. And it is an all natural, all botanical creation. Thank you, Andy!

Indigo is also bringing in the new perfume created by Jul et Mad, Aqua Sextius, named after Sextus, the Roman Consul who founded Aix-en-Provence where Madalina and Julien were married and have a second home.

Composed by Cécile Zarokian, this parfum extrait initially smells as if it will be light and airy and short-lived. That assumption is incorrect. Yes, it is light and airy with a beginning citrus note to it, but instead of gradually fading away, it becomes a bit more complex with a deliciously smooth dry down. Its longevity is very good. Words I can attribute to Aqua Sextius are herbal, marine, refreshing and sexy.

And did we tell you that Jul et Mad’s fragrances now also come in 20 ml. “Le Compagnon” sizes- très convenient in many ways.

Check out our Summer Collection and enjoy!

Indigo Perfumery


Without a doubt in our spring garden, the tree peony blooms reign over all as the Glamour Girls. Relatively unknown and underutilized in American gardens, the tree peonies consistently produce enormous, colorful blossoms. Our blooms colors include white, blush, pink, coral, cherry red and soft lavender. The dimensions range from a petite six inches to a flat out gaudy twelve inches, with several dozen wavy petals. Most have a soft scent with what I would describe as a top note only: the scent does not last long. But they are worth it.

Tree peonies are actually woody perennial shrubs. Here in the Midwest, they bloom the middle of May, a week or two before the herbaceous peonies. The plants are very slow growers, with about 6 inches of new growth yearly. When they are happy in their location, with dappled sunlight, they respond generously.

The tree peonies not only survived our notoriously harsh winter of 2013-2014, they did great! We’ve had two hundred + blooms these past two weeks. Once the temperature goes above 80 degrees, though, the blooms fry and then disappear.

Oh- and did I mention that they are also deer-resistant? A huge plus!

Here are a few of our Glamour Girls:

Indigo Perfumery


Wedding Week wouldn’t be complete without addressing the other half of the bridal couple!

Here are our ideas for romantic fragrances for the groom:

Tan-Tan, the latest release from Coquillete Paris, says exotically masculine.

It begins with a bergamot / pine combination- somewhat spicy with a green feel to it. The heart notes reveal an earthy fig note that joins with geranium to portray its distinctive, longlasting fragrance.

Spicy, fresh.

Wilde, on the other hand, is as smooth as smooth can be.

It’s fruity beginning, with bergamot and grapes, is downright sexy and transparent. Again, carnation and figs make their appearance, but with a totally different outcome. Is it the tea note that tempers their strength? Or is it the oakmoss taming the vetiver in the dry down? Whatever it is, you will appreciate it… and be tempted to borrow it for yourself down the road.

Maria Candida Gentile created Gentile for her son.

Its aromatic opening of Italian basil, mint and lime is a unique blend. It rolls smoothly into its geranium, daphne and osmanthus heart notes, remaining green but with a leathery touch. Gentile becomes a vetiver show the rest of the way.

A modern fougère- lively yet gentle.

Indigo has many other fragrances for men. Although all of our scents are classified as unisex, there are many that may seem to lean more one way or another. The most important thing to consider is always how it combines with your own unique chemistry.

We would love to hear your suggestions as well!

Indigo Perfumery


Indigo Perfumery is very proud to present the winners of our

1st Annual Exploring the Senses: Art From Perfume, a collegiate art competition.

Our entries were varied and creative. Indigo would like to thank each and every participant for accepting the challenge of translating one art medium into another- no small feat.

You made us proud!

All nine works of art are on display at Indigo Perfumery through Saturday, June 14th.

Drop by and admire!

The Winners:

First Place: A Tie!

Yes! How exciting that we not only had a tie for first place, but the two entries were entirely different mediums.

Abbey Blake, 22, Cleveland Institute of Art


Digital print on Hahnemuhle paper

Fragrance inspiration: Vertine by Friedemodin

“This print was created by photographing the light and textures of illuminated laser cut paper. This piece was made in reflection of the scent, Vertine, as it is delicate, fresh and optimistic.”


Valerie Perczak, 23, Oberlin College

“Water Memory”

Video   The entire video can be seen here:

Fragrance inspiration: Ciel d’Opale by Ann Gerard

“This video piece is made up of 16mm film of me, celluloid film I painted on, and me under water in my bath. The photos I am holding in the bath water are of me when I was little with my parents in water and with my grandma. This perfume scent that this piece is in response to reminded me of spending time with my family near the water in the summer in Florida where I grew up. I grew up going to my grandmother’s apartment on the beach. My artwork is usually an exploration of my embodied experience of memory. The music is by me. It is a live recording of looped guitar and my voice. The other sound design of the water is from recordings that I designed also.”

Two superimposed frames from “Water Memory”

Second Place:

Erin Miller, 25, Kent State University

“Skin Graft”


Fragrance inspiration: Skin Graft by Phoenicia Perfumes

“Skin Graft is a narrative perfume, telling a tale of both suffering and healing. It is an autobiographical scent created after the perfumer’s experience of being in a medically induced coma caused by Stephen Johnsons Syndrome. I was unaware of this piece of information when I first smelled the perfume, and the work I created is an interpretation of my olfactory experience.

Skin Graft began with the unnerving smell of medical supplies, particularly bandages and antiseptic. As the aroma began to dry I detected wood and earth. As it settled on my body it curiously transformed to subtly sweet and floral, but the very slight remnants of the other notes remained. It has a staying power on the body and is not easily overlooked and I found myself noticing the aroma throughout the day. Although the basis of this perfume would be considered disconcerting to many people, I found it empowering. Experiencing this perfume reminded me of climbing trees as a child. The aroma of the tree sap and dirt on my hands as I rose to the highest branch with the biggest bloom or the ripest fruit, and the light sweetness of the air around it. Then the somewhat inevitable fall from the tree which would yield a few drops of blood and a handful of freshly opened bandages. Shortly thereafter I was scaling the trees again, with freshly washed hands and bandages on my elbows and knees. I knew that climbing trees would likely result in my falling, but I saw that simply as a part of the experience. Just as any other trauma in our lives should not keep us from avoiding life’s experiences, but should be embraced as a reminder of how valuable life really is.”  

Skin Graft

Third Place:

Tanzanight, 23, Cleveland Institute of Art

“We Went to the Afterlife, in the Afterglow”

Oil on canvas

Fragrance inspiration: Thirty Three by Ex Idolo

“I chose Ex Idolo’s Thirty Three because I could not ignore it—it completely overtook me. When I arrived at Indigo for the first time in March, I had had no intentions of choosing a fragrance that could be considered “masculine”. The suspended glass shelf in the boutique featuring the Ex Idolo bottle caught my eye. Then I inhaled the Thirty Three scent. It was so compellingly unusual that my mind immediately wandered into imagining what I could do with the experience of it in a painting. The sensorium of it has a magnitude of depth and mystique.

As I worked on “We Went to the Afterlife, In the Afterglow” in my home painting studio, I poured some of the perfume into paperboard so I could periodically waft it around me and take it in potently while looking at the painting and mixing colors. It was strong enough that it was always detectable in the air without the paper sample in hand, and I thought, “No ordinary person could wear this scent. Whoever does must be dignified, and aloof, but with an alluring magnetism.” I have to say, I have really fallen in love with it from working with it.”

We Went to the Afterlife, in the Afterglow

Indigo Perfumery


Tubéreuse Rosée is just downright pretty. A bold but feminine fragrance, it is a modern take on tuberose, accented with rose. Its sillage is good, as is its longevity. The base note trio of vanilla, sandalwood and musk tame down the white flowers and accent its feminine beauty.

If you are looking for an effortlessly elegant perfume, this is definitely worth considering.

Isn’t this one gorgeous bouquet? A perfect spring accent designed with anemone, lily of the valley, grape hyacinths and fritillaria byPieter Bouterse Studio.


Indigo Perfumery


Stilettos on Lex

Stilettos on Lex by Jul et Mad is a sophisticated mélange of fruits and musks, mixed with a smooth combination of rose, iris and lily of the valley. Stilettos on Lex is a beautiful, chic fragrance with excellent sillage and longevity. It has a happy, upbeat vibe which will put you in a confident mood with whatever you do!

Every 50 ml. bottle is accompanied by a 7 ml. bottle; both reside in a gorgeous leather box. The purse size perfume is a great way to touch up and can be discreetly applied throughout the day (and is perfect for the honeymoon night).


This colorful bouquet reflects the poised attitude of Stilettos on Lex.

Confidence and beauty abound.

Indigo Perfumery


Indigo recommends referencing the flowers the bride chooses for her bouquets when choosing the wedding day perfume. A wedding fragrance is not only a special scent but one you will always remember. Chances are, the chosen bouquet flowers may also have that treasured fragrance. Roses are a staple of bridal bouquets, but are often not as scented as they used to be.

Rose Cut, debuting in March, 2014 by Parisian jeweler and perfumer Ann Gerard, is very au courant and nothing like your grandmother wore.

It has been described as effervescent. Fresh.  One customer was stopped twice just last week and asked “What are you wearing?”

Rose Cut is one of those fragrances that reminds you of being in a spring rose garden, but with a twist. With its top notes of rum, aldehydes and pink pepper, it practically sparkles. Roses and peonies appear fairly quickly and remain throughout. Accents of patchouli, vanilla and benzoin ground the scent and contribute to Rose Cut’s excellent sillage and longevity.

Indigo Perfumery


Making its debut this spring, Magnolia Grandiflora Michel pays homage to the Magnolia Grandiflora flower in its full blooming glory. Australia’s superstar of the floral industry, Saskia Havekes, has a passionate love for magnolias and has designed her floral company with Magnolia Grandiflora as its muse. After years of consideration, she decided to take the next step and commissioned two revered perfumers to create the magnolia fragrances.

Michel is the interpretation of the Magnolia Grandiflora flower by perfumer Michel Roudnitska. It is an unabashed, yet refined, floral scent. The headiness of the magnolia is tempered by jasmine, yang-ylang and rose. Michel is a dewy floral with moderate sillage and longevity. You will find it refreshing and not cloying- perfect for the wedding day.

Indigo Perfumery


If the wedding is a daytime affair or outdoors, Indigo suggests a lighter scent, at least for the ceremony. Often times, the fragrance you choose for the wedding ceremony is a floral, especially in the warmer months. But floral fragrances don’t have to smell fussy and have been modernized with fruity and woody notes.

Perfumer Anaïs Biguine created Gigi as a tribute to the 1944 title character of the French writer, Colette. Gigi, the character, was a young girl being trained by her mother for the life of a courtesan… until she found true love. Gigi’s innocent, beguiling nature bubbles through right into Gigi, the perfume.

Jardins D’Ecrivains Gigi is a lively skin scent enhanced by a bouquet of white flowers, the aroma of freshly cut grass and a hint of skin musk. It transforms from its initially sweet and fresh feel into clean and feminine and remains a happy scent until the very end.




Indigo Perfumery


With wedding season beginning, we are receiving more requests for wedding day scent suggestions. Over the next week, we’ll explore Indigo’s recommendations…

Today Neroli Blanc Intense by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger takes center stage. Quite frankly, this is one romantic scent. As you are visiting each table and hugging your guests, they will appreciate how lovely you smell. Its sillage is good, as well as its longevity.

Neroli Blanc Intense is not only about the orange blossom, though. Jasmine and candied fruits develop in the heart notes; vanilla, plum and balsams appear later and assist in its staying power.

Its dry down just gets prettier and more sensual through the evening.