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July 2014

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If you’ve never smelled any of Coquillete Paris’ gorgeous fragrances, this is your week. Tan-Tan, their latest release, is our Fragrance of the Week.

Coquillete’s founders, Elise Juarros and Rosa Vaia, based their fragrances on their fashion shoot inspirations as they traveled around the world. Tan-Tan was inspired by the city of the same name, located about 25 kilometers east of the Atlantic Ocean in SW Morocco, with its important location in the trading of spices as well as its connections to both the desert and the sea.

Tan-Tan starts off on a rather sharp, green note with pine, bergamot and fig, but mellows nicely into the woods and florals of cedarwood, vetiver, carnation and jasmine. Its lovely drydown combines sandalwood, musk, leather and coconut milk- a real reflection of the desert Tan-Tan sits in.

In our shop, Tan-Tan has been popular with both males and females. Both its sillage and longevity are excellent.

This is a fragrance that truly transports you.

Elise and Rosa are now working on their sixth scent,

the last of their planned collection of traditional perfumes.

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Indigo Perfumery


Experience the ultimate in summer fragrances:

Providence Perfume‘s Branch & Vine.

From the first sniff, you will find yourself in the summer garden, first in amongst the growing tomato vines with their very identifiable natural, green smell and then moving to the flower garden.

Muguet and mimosa combine with neroli and jasmine sambac, but are still surrounded by the spreading vines. The base of this cologne contain vetiver, violet leaf and fir to round out the summer adventure.

Branch & Vine Cologne has moderate longevity and good sillage.

Spray lavishly!

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Indigo Perfumery


Been tempted to try a scent from the irreverent French line, État Libre d’Orange?

You’re not familiar with them?

Now is your chance to meet ten of their fab scents in one fell swoop. État’s Gift Box Collection is this week’s Fragrance of the Week. And what an opportunity it is…

Between now and July 12th, the Gift Box Collection is 15% off. You’ll have the opportunity to discover these ten fragrances in one box: Noël Au Balcon, Eau de Protection, Like This, The Afternoon of a Faun, Fils de Dieu, Tom of Finland, Archives 69, Dangerous Complicity, Jasmin et Cigarette and Fat Electrician.

See what the buzz is all about…

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