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February 2015

Indigo Perfumery




When searching for a spring fragrance,

why not try a fresh fig scent?


The set of five fig fragrance samples is available HERE.


Here are some of Indigo Perfumery’s favorites:





Debaser is the latest release from D. S. & Durga.


Opening with a pear stem/green leaf combo, fresh fig bursts onto the scene, tempered by a milky coconut. Although iris and dry woods arrive later, Debaser is all about that crazy fig and coconut combo that becomes addicting.






Figure Fruitée by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranges has been excitedly described as “It’s my Signature Fragrance”!


A true, unabashed fig greets you in all of its green glory. Lime and grapefruit add a dash of citrus. Its dry down ventures into leather and woods, but fig still remains a constant.







Tan-Tan is the fifth of six scents created by Coquillete Paris.


Inspired by the Moroccan province of the same name, Tan-Tan seeks to pay homage to the land, sand and air of this port city, but it’s the soft, white fig that claims one’s attention. This fig is clean and green. Tan-Tan is decidedly masculine.







Yesterday Haze is Josh Meyer’s latest addition to his impressive collection of scents at Imaginary Authors.


For those who think they are not fig lovers, we promise you Yesterday Haze will change your mind. The fig is nicely accented by tonka and iris to create a softly sweet and creamy fig. This fig will grow on you, catching you by surprise.




Jardins d’ÉcrivainsWilde is a sheer joy.


Wilde opens as a fruity assemblage of bergamot and grapes. Fig makes its debut in a transparent way, combining with green tea and carnation which prevent it from becoming too thick and heavy. Wilde says Happy Spring!





Looking for a spring home scent? Belle Fleur‘s scented candle, Figure Noir, fits that bill.


Figue Noir explores all the facets of the fig tree: leaves, bark and fruit. Its scent is earthy with a touch of sweetness. Vetiver and juniper berry accent the fig without taking over.



Aren’t you tempted?


Explore the set of five fragrances!

Order HERE to receive five samples for $18.


Indigo Perfumery



We’re ready for spring and we know you must be too!


To celebrate the arrival of i Profumi di Firenze at Indigo and being one day closer to the first day of Spring, we are giving away a full set of i Profumi di Firenze samples!

Simply leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us what your favorite part of spring is and you’ll be eligible.


The drawing closes on Oscar Sunday, February 22nd at 12 midnight.



Only one entry per person.

Limited to the U.S., please, as we do not ship out of the country.

Indigo Perfumery






Something Floral?



Rose Cut‘s fresh and sensuous fragrance captured the hearts of many Best Of lists last year.

Rose Cut opens with an unforgettable luminescence. The roses chosen by perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufour, enliven the fragrance throughout and share billing with rum, oakwood and a fresh patchouli in the base that combine to reveal its sexy nature.



Something Woody?




Andy Tauer’s classic, L’Air du Desert Marocain, continues to be swoon-worthy for both men and women. It just smells that good!


If you are looking for a fragrance that pulls you in from the first sniff, look no more. L’Air du Desert Marocain combines soft spices with vetiver and cedar wood in the base to form a long-lasting scent that will having you sniffing your skin (or your lover’s) for hours.




Something Spicy?




Classic Myrrh by Von Eusersdorff combines notes of incense with cedar leaf, violet, sandalwood and patchouli to reveal its refined, spicy fragrance. Its longevity is excellent. This sophisticated scent is equally mesmerizing on women or men.




Something Gourmand?


Much has been said about Shay and Blue’s Salt Caramel.


Undeniably gourmand, Salt Caramel moves past the initial sweetness of its inspiration, the Sea Salt Caramels of Charbonnel et Walker, to reveal waves of caramel, vanilla, sea salt, tonka bean and sandalwood.

Salt Caramel continues to lure and beckon until the very end.


Something Oriental?




Suffice it to say, Belle Fleur’s Indochine is a favorite home fragrance here at Indigo.


It combines Osmanthus, Patchouli and Bergamot with a Rosewood & Honey base for an exquisitely smooth, soft Oriental scent.


Something Citrus?





Aqua Sextius, Jul et Mad’s latest release, is an invigorating, refreshing fragrance composed by one of the star perfumers of 2014, Cécile Zarokian.


Citrus + marine + woods and mosses= exquisite. And have you seen its fabulous color in person yet?


Aqua Sextius is a happy fragrance to wear on a summer day, or, equally as invigorating on a cold, cloudy winter day.