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March 2015

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The Roses Have It


Thus far, 2015 seems to be the year of the rose.


These are our recent rosy arrivals:

Andy Tauer’s ROSE flash (the first release with Mr. Tauer’s new Tauerville)  is a perfume extrait that unabashedly exudes the same experience that one has when sticking one’s nose into a rose bloom. Andy describes it:

“ROSE flash is the most luxurious rose that I have created so far… a stunning rose, rich, oriental, gourmand… This rose is here to share the joy and fun I had in my lab exploring rose petals.”


Desert Rose by Dame Perfumery is a lovely, classic rose that leans a bit toward a dry but sweet rose. Jeffrey Dame’s creations are an excellent value.

Viktoria Minya‘s Hedonist Rose has been called the most beautiful of her line thus far. Fresh roses are softened with Viktoria’s wine accord, with peach, vanilla, amber and musk rounding out the composition.

Asphalt Rainbow, by Charente Macerations, is “…a roughed up rose with a re-envisioned rose accord that distorts and morphs over time like a fragmented floral collage…”

Try them all!

Indigo Perfumery




We’ve turned the corner- there’s no denying Spring is at the ready!


Sure, the weather may slip a bit here and there, but now that it is the middle of March, the color green is returning to our surroundings.

Green grass, green foliage on the bulbs, perennials and trees…


Indigo is celebrating with a festive Springtime in Paris sample set!


Our Parisian fragrance lines feature gorgeous florals and fresh green scents.


Explore the set of six fragrances!


Order HERE to receive the six samples for $22.




Ann Gerard created Perle de Mousse as an elegant, green floral chypre. Its opening definitely places you on a walk in the fresh air, encountering the green of grass and new foliage. Lily of the valley is celebrated in the heart, complimented by touches of rose, jasmine and gardenia. Its light and elegant drydown is wrapped in a verdant combination that includes Lentisque Absolute instead of the usual patchouli.




Ciel d’Opale places you under the linden tree’s brand new foliage, taking in its honeyed bouquet. Its opening, fresh citrus notes soon turn to a white floral medley that includes honeysuckle and mock orange. The drydown becomes a bit more spicy, but always remains fresh- a perfect fragrance to wear when those warm days make their appearance.





Jul et Mad’s Stilettos on Lex instantly puts one in a happy mood with its sparkling, fruity opening notes. The floral heart of the fragrance is celebratory, keeping one on course with an uplifted mood. It settles down to a mysterious mélange of woods and musk. Stilettos is an Extrait de Parfum and has excellent longevity.





 Terrasse à St-Germain opens with a green freshness to awaken the senses. Its subtle floral palette includes the rarely used freesia and lotus flower, along with rose. Its sensual drydown is the perfect symbiosis of the classic trio of musk, sandalwood and patchouli.





Jardins d’ÉcrivainsGigi (the ode to Gigi, the famous heroine of French author Colette) opens with a nod to freshly cut grass and the sweet innocence of orange blossom. Its white floral bouquet is flattered by black currant before the mix becomes a refined, warm skin scent.




We round out the Parisian collection with a rather unconventional fragrance that describes William S. Burroughs (the American novelist of the Bea t Generation), Junky. It is a unisex, green floral that seamlessly switches between hemp, the floral trio of gardenia, iris and violet and its incense vibe base notes. It evolves over time, but amazingly remains light-hearted and carefree-

a fragrance meant for a spring day.

Order HERE to receive six samples for $22.