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May 2015


Summer Kick-Off!


We’re ready to welcome summer!

Join us and choose your new favorite summer scent that will put you in a light and breezy state of mind.

Cefiro– A bit of spice added to the floral garden that will leave you wondering who smells so good.

Brezza di Mare – The elegant, understated scent of sea and sand.

Cologne du Maghreb– For those looking for a true classic cologne… with woody contrasts at the back end.

Copacabana– Sunny, breezy, tropical. A mini-holiday on the beach. This solid perfume has added skincare benefits: moisturizing shea butter and free from parabens and alcohol.

Aqua Sextius– A full blown citrus-fresh beginning with the added bonus of heart and base notes that not only add to its beauty, but also to its longevity.

Neroli Blanc Eau de Perfume– Celebrate the essence of summer with the orange blossom at its peak.

Sicilian Limes– A full liquor hit of a salt margarita, complimented by lime, rosemary and moss.

Samples are prepared fresh in .7 ml. glass vials with dauber.

With the purchase of the Summer Kick-Off Sampler Set, you will receive a coupon code for $10 off one full bottle purchased from the Sampler Set.

Click HERE to place your order.

Summer kickoff bl

In the Garden

Peony Royalty: Tree Peonies

Most people are familiar with the Herbaceous peonies that lose their leaves in winter.

In our garden , we do have several traditional peonies, but the true stars of our spring garden are the Tree peonies, otherwise known as Chinese tree peonies.

Pink peonies copy

Hardy in most of the U.S. (zones 4-9), tree peonies need a bit of space. They will grow large when happy, reaching the size of a shrub or even larger. Tree peonies do lose their leaves in winter, but their woody stems remain and form dazzling sculptures when covered with snow.

Deep pink peony

They prefer sun, but not a whole day of it. To keep the blooms the longest amount of time, dappled shade would be perfect. They should not be planted close to a tree as the tree would rob the generous root system of its needed nutrients.

Most blooms open up to 6″-10″ saucers. Besides their gorgeous colors, they also smell delightful. Their scent is rather green, multi-layered, fresh and a combination of a fruity/rose aroma. Its scent is delicate yet strong.

Their flower petals are too delicate to offer up enough oils to use in perfumery, so if one is smelling a perfume with peony listed as a note, it is an interpretation that draws on a combination of other flowers to mimic the gauzy translucence of the peony petal’s aroma.

This tree peony that is over six feet tall.

Back bed web

Here are a few of this year’s blooms. Needless to say, our garden smells delightful!

Lavender tree peonies web

Dew lavender tree peony

From bud to bloom:

Tree peony story 5-15 copy

Behind the Scenes

Fragonard: A Bit of Beauty in Grasse

Not able to make it to Grasse this spring?

We couldn’t either, so we decided to make a digital visit instead. Why wait?

Fragonard, founded by Eugene Fuchs in 1926, was named after the famous painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard. It was housed in a perfume-making building dating back to 1782. Today, the building is considered to be the historic perfume factory, along with the Fragonard Perfume museum which is housed on its first floor.

Fragonard’s perfumes, cosmetics and home products are now created in their factory built in 1986 just outside of Grasse, where they combine their traditional “craft methods with the most modern production techniques.” Named the Fabrique des Fleurs, it is surrounded by gardens of fabulous flowers that are used in the creation of perfume.

Many of the photos below were captured by Martin Morrell for the Vogue Living‘s “Making Scents” story Conversation Piece, a story on Fragonard’s perfume museum curated by Carolyn Quartermaine.

The Museum of Perfumes
au 1er Etage de l’Usine Historique
20 bd Fragonard
06130 Grasse
Tél: +33 (0) 4 93 36 44 65
Fax: +33 (0) 4 93 36 57 32



Fragonard 1

A fresco forms the backdrop in a former photographer’s studio in the Perfume Museum.


A few pieces of family history, antique fragrance labels and perfume bottles from the Fragonard family:


Fragonard 5







Fragonard 6



Fragonard Museum

Antique perfume still



New Fragonard

Modern Fragonard perfume making


Lily of the Valley

One of the first flowers in May is the beloved lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis).

With its fresh, green, earthy beauty with honeyed undertones, it has been a favorite fragrance for centuries.

LOV bells

Lily of the valley is grown in cooler climates and prefers the partial shade of a woodland setting. It spreads via its underground stems called rhizomes. It can take a few years to get established, but once it is, it will spread far and wide.

According to Elanour Sinclair Rohde, in her book, The Scented Garden, “The lily-of-the-valley is, I think, the very first of the flowers whose scent is a true summer scent, for the May lily, as our ancestors called it, never flowers till the bitter winds we so often get in late spring are over. When the lily of the valley flowers we know in truth that summer has come.”

 Lily of the Valley 2 Its flowers hang, with each bell consisting of six florets with edges that turn back into six small scallops. While there is no honey in the flowers, there is a sweet sap stored in tissue at its base which is very attractive to bees. They also visit to collect its pollen.

Lily of the valley flowers contain extremely minute amounts of oils, making them too labor intensive to pick as each floret opens at different times. Any perfume with lily of the valley notes means that it is a combination of other natural oils, such as rose and jasmine. There is no lily of the valley absolute or essential oil.

Hydroxycitronellal is widely considered to be the aroma chemical material closest to the scent of Lily of the Valley, although its use is limited by IFRA restrictions to 1% of the finished fragrance.

Diorissimo, composed by Edmond Roudnitska in 1956, is generally referred to as the gold standard for lily of the valley perfumes.


At Indigo, our favorite lily of the valley perfume is by Floris London. Lily of the Valley was created in 1847 and is a true soliflore that is as close to the real flower as one can get. Its sillage and longevity are medium. It is a refreshing floral to wear on a spring or summer day. It is also the perfect office fragrance.

Perle de Mousse web copy2

Perle de Mousse, authored by Bertrand Duchaufour in 2012 for Ann Gerard, is an artistic interpretation of lily of the valley. It is a memorable green chypre that begins with green galbanum and bubbly aldehydes, with a heart of lily of the valley, rose and tuberose. Its base notes include ambergris, musk and vanilla. Its longevity is outstanding, its sillage is very good.

Stilettos 200 blog

Stilettos on Lex is a lively fruit and floral bouquet that starts off with pear and plum liquor. Lily of the valley joins the heart notes, along with rose, heliotrope, iris and carnation and is followed by a base of musk, patchouli, vanilla and Atlas cedar wood.

What is your favorite lily of the valley scent?

Lily of the valley web copy




Dark Florals


Dark Florals in Traditional Home’s May 2015’s Secret Garden:

“When set against a dark, inky background, colorful florals seem to radiate a larger-than-life presence. Depending on their pattern and hue, the blooms appear either electrified and voluminous or sophisticated with a slight edge. So take some time to stop and smell these roses.”


We decided to find Indigo’s dark florals and share them with you as we enter the height of the floral season. Stop by for a sniff!


Asphalt Rainbow by Charenton Macerations definitely falls under the sophisticated but edgy category. It is described as “a roughed up rose that’s been hyper-colored, torn apart and twisted on its head, then nailed to the wall for your sniffing pleasure.” Need we say more?


Shay and Blue’s Atropa Belladonna is just what atropa belladonna purports to be: bewitching and mesmerizing. With the heady white blossoms of jasmine and narcissus combining with cassis berries and Bourbon vanilla, it is a beauty.


ROSE flash by Tauerville is an extrait strength rendition of rose in all its glory. There is nothing shy about this rose; you will be asked, “What are you wearing?!” Its sweetness is tempered by the woods and spices that Mr. Tauer is so well known for.


Neroli Blanc Intense by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger is not an innocent neroli or orange blossom perfume. It says evening, date night, come hither, with the base notes of vanilla, balsam and benzoin turning on the charm.


Rose Cut by Ann Gerard bursts forth with a bubbly, happy presence of aldehydes and pink pepper. An exquisite rose quickly becomes evident, which eventually settles down into one heck of a sexy rose and patchouli blend that lingers till dark…


Thirty Three by Ex Idolo is deep, velvety and sensual. Equally memorable on males or females, Thirty Three is all about a rose and its relationship with a fabulous oud.




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A Gift For The Epicurean Mother


Finding a scent that matches her essence is the key to success with the Epicurean Mother. She’ll instinctively pay attention to the ingredients and may even opt for the unexpected. Lavender, vanilla and spices are within the comfort zone of the passionate gourmand.

Like This, by État Libre d’Orange, will delight her senses with its unexpected olfactory assortment of notes. Created with Tilda Swenson in mind, one can expect that it will make its own statement with a distinct gourmand quality.

Indigo Vanilla, created by Shelley Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes, is an unconventional gourmand with a subtle spice trail complimenting its focus on violet. Yes, there is very good vanilla, but don’t worry, Indigo Vanilla avoids being too sweet or edible. It’s just plain beautiful.

Provanilla (Providence Perfume Co.) also has to be included for Our Epicurean Mother. Whether your Mother is a connoisseur of vanilla or not, she will love Charna Ethier’s uniquely creative ode to vanilla. Not only does Charna incorporate five different (sublime) vanillas, she discovered that adding the unexpected twist of a clean aquatic accord keeps the fragrance light and fresh throughout. (Order directly from Providence Perfume… our bottles are not here yet…)

Gift certificates are always available as well.

To ensure sufficient time for delivery, all web orders should be placed by Wednesday, May 6th.

Complimentary gift wrap is available.

Please let us know if you would like it in the Special Request box during checkout.

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A Gift For The Loves-To-Travel Mother


The Loves-to-Travel, Adventurous Mother craves new experiences and needs to pack up quickly and easily.

Copacabana’s (Sabé Masson) soft perfume ease of use and vacation-perfect scent

contrasts with L’Air du Désert Marocain (Tauer Perfumes), a spicy, memorable perfume with lots of character.

Of course you can always opt for a gift certificate.

To ensure sufficient time for delivery, all web orders should be placed by Wednesday, May 6th.

Complimentary gift wrap is available.

Please let us know if you would like it in the Special Request box during checkout.

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A Gift For The Athletic Mother



The Athletic Mother benefits from a fresh scent with a big pick-me-up like Aqua Sextius (Jul et Mad) with its sophisticated, fresh green piquancy of an outdoor day,

or Zazou (Sabé Masson) invigorating citrus notes complimented by its woody dry down.

Of course you can always opt for a gift certificate.

To ensure sufficient time for delivery, all web orders should be placed by Wednesday, May 6th.

Complimentary gift wrap is available.

Please let us know if you would like it in the Special Request box during checkout.

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A Gift For The New Mother


The New Mother faces how to balance the overwhelming duties of being a new mom while remaining true to herself.

Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz is a gentle scent that will remind her of her prettier side while never overwhelming the baby.

She saves Neroli Blanc Intense, by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger, to feel sultry for that much-needed date night out.

Of course you can always opt for a gift certificate.

To ensure sufficient time for delivery, all web orders should be placed by Wednesday, May 6th.

Complimentary gift wrap is available.

Please let us know if you would like it in the Special Request box during checkout.