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303 by Bon Parfumeur

303 by Bon Parfumeur is here

From Bon Parfumeur, the contemporary, Parisian, artisanal perfume brand: 303 of their new Les Privés line.

A spicy amber that will definitely catch your attention.

303’s perfumer, Sidonie Lancesseur of Robertet, often imagines colors with the scents that she creates.* In this instance, Ms. Lancesseur envisioned red as the color she associated with this amber fragrance that she was working on. The spicy nature of the top notes, cardamom, pink berries and chilli pepper, certainly reflect red. The heart notes begin the contrast and temper the spice with patchouli; ylang ylang holds its own with a liveliness that compliments the spices.

The amber notes (as “amber’ is a collection of different notes each time) include Tolu balsam and benzoin, with vetiver and muscs keeping it from going too dark.

A spicy amber elixir!

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