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Welcome to a très unusual new outlook on the art of fragrance: Sabé Masson and their line of soft perfumes!

Yes, we said soft perfumes.

Sabé Masson will revolutionize the way you travel with their easy to store fragrances that need not be kept in a separate little baggie any more. Doesn’t that make sense?

Sabé Masson was founded by Isabelle Masson, who broke into the beauty world by beginning as an intern in a tiny perfume company, Shop 8, which would later transform into the beauty mecca, Sephora. Over the years, Sabé, along with her partner, revolutionized the tiny concept store. After the selling of Sephora, Sabé was given an opportunity to pursue her true passion: fragrance and all its forms. Voila, “Sabé Masson Perfumes and Soft Perfumes” was born!

Since childhood, Isabelle “Sabé” Masson has had a love for fragrance, art and nature, and subsequently built her brand by merging all three. An artist, innovator and cosmetics industry insider, Sabé Masson has built her career by pushing boundaries, perfecting her creations and insisting customer satisfaction determines the success of any brand.

This past week, Sabé Masson’s new boutique opened in Paris and is the buzz of the city.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we celebrate its opening here at Indigo and dare you to choose just one! With their amazing price points, why stop at only one?

Begin your exploration HERE.

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