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Erin Telle

School: Kent State University

Perfume inspiration: Neroli Blanc Intense

Name of Work: “Summer Air”

Medium of work: Mixed Media

When and why did you decide to become an artist?

I decided to become an artist during my last few years in high school. Being cut from the volleyball team provided extra time to focus on other activities I enjoyed; such as art. Although it was then that I decided to focus on being an artist, throughout my life my Dad was always encouraging creativity and the arts.

Why did you choose that particular fragrance?

The reason I chose Neroli Intense is because right when I smelled that scent I felt comfort and a familiar homey type of feeling. It made me happy and sparked my interest and senses.

Who is your favorite artist?

My favorite artist would have to be Andrea Donnelly as of right now. Although I just recently discovered her, I enjoy Donnelly’s way of working and how she attempts to convey familiar feelings that everyone experiences. I also enjoy the fact that she hand makes scarves on the side to provide further income. Donnelly helps me to believe that, a versatile lifestyle as such is possible.


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