Indigo Perfumery


School: Kent State University

Perfume inspiration: Stilettos on Lex

Name of Work: Stilettos on Lex

Medium of work: Oil on panel


When and why did you decide to become an artist?

I decided to study to be an artist right before graduating high school, so when I was around 18. Once I got into college, I studied graphic design for a year, but ultimately decided to return to fine arts full time, and have been dedicating my life and education to the arts for the last 4 years.

Why did you choose that particular fragrance?

Stilettos on Lex is a brilliant fragrance. When I first experienced it I could feel the colors represented in the painting. It was silky and a bit floral with a spike of musk. The painting is my visual interpretation. The subject matter composed of fabric has both effortlessness and tension, punctuated by nails that tack the fabric down in specific areas. These nails not only formally echo the aggressiveness of stilettos but also dynamically remove themselves from the luxuriousness of the fabric to form a kind of “fire-and-ice” relationship.

Who is your favorite artist?

A single name cannot come to mind. There are artists who have laid the groundwork for today that are very important, artists of today that are innovating on what was created before them, and hundreds in between. A much abbreviated list of who has directly influenced me over my course of study would have to include in no particular order: Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein, Allan Kaprow, Robert Irwin, Richard Serra, Bruce Nauman, Robert Gober, John Cage, Dieter Roth, Mike Kelley, Richard Aldrich, Sol Lewitt, and many, many more.

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