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Jasmine Sampson

School: Kent State University

Perfume inspiration: Neroli Blanc Eau de Cologne

Name of Work: “Carmen”

Medium of work: Mixed Media


When and why did you decide to become an artist?


I am not able to pinpoint an exact moment when I decided to become an artist. However, the moment I wove on the loom for the first time was when I knew I was a weaver. As a child, I engaged in artistic activities like: painting, making jewelry, and sewing garments for my American Girl Doll. Although, growing up I never knew that I could turn my passion into a career. I made art for myself because it made me happy. When I came to college I did not major in crafts or fine arts right away. I began my college career as a sports medicine major at Baldwin-Wallace College. Although I have a passion for sports, I knew that sports medicine was not for me. I transferred to Kent State my junior year and scheduled for a few fine arts and crafts foundation classes and I knew I was where I belonged. My journey continued experimenting with different mediums like: ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry metals. I enjoyed learning and gaining experience working with different art forms. In the fall of 2012 I took my first textiles course. The moment I wove that first thread on the floor loom I knew that fiber arts was my calling. I love the beauty and natural drape of cloth; however, I enjoy manipulating cloth in different ways. Cloth is beautiful and interesting because it is part of our everyday life. I find myself looking at patterns on couch cushions, curtains, clothing etc. trying to figure out the weave structures. I look at the world in a new perspective and I am finally in my element. I am a weaver.

Why did you choose that particular fragrance?

I choose Neroli Ean de Cologne. When I smelled this fragrance I had an instant memory of my great-grandmother. The fragrance is soft and has a sweet floral scent that reminded me of her soft skin. I wanted to capture the fragrance for its softness; however, because it reminded me of my great-grandmother I named the piece “Carmen.”

Who is your favorite artist?

It is difficult to have one favorite artist because there are many artists doing amazing work. However, I have always been drawn to Lenore Tawney. I find her background fascinating like: Tawney was from Lorain, Ohio and my family came over from Puerto Rico to Lorain, Ohio. Along with her background, her work is exquisite. Her use of materials and grand scales are exciting. I have turned to her work for inspiration when engaging in many assignments.

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