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Rachel Metz

School: Kent State University

Perfume inspiration: Solace Essence by Ambre Blends

Name of Work: “Amber Absorbed”

Medium of work: Digital textile weaving

When and why did you decide to become an artist?


I believe becoming an artist was something that was immediately part of my life, because both of my parents were artists and I was born and nurtured in a home of creating.  Off and on over the years I expressed myself through various mediums, including dance and choreography in my younger years. But deciding to become a textile artist is something that has evolved over the past twelve years, and has come to fruition through the wonderful textile program at Kent State.  I believe everyone is unique and has something to share with the community and the world, and I choose to share myself through the wonderful art of textiles, experimenting with color, texture, and scale.

Why did you choose that particular fragrance?

The first reason I chose one of the oil perfumes by Ambre was because of my love of essential oils.  I am fascinated with their scents, properties and histories, and the way in which they stay with a person long periods of time, and leave a unique scent on each person when absorbed into the skin.  I also love the sweet, rich, comforting scent of amber, especially when blended with other earthy, sweet oils such as vanilla, rose, lavender, and patchouli just to name a few.  I believe these gems from the earth are healing, physically,mentally, and emotionally.  When I came across “Solace”, which is the one I chose, I immediately felt a sense of deja vu….a comfortable place or a memory, but it was still elusive…could not quite put my finger on it, but felt if I could where one scent forever that this would be the one.  And after, as I was reading the description, I realized there was also a wonderful, secret ingredient, interwoven with the other aromas.  My design is a visual interpretation of all these things, the transparent, golden look of amber, the layer upon layer of design, the subtle colors interwoven stand for the scents you know are there, but not sure what they all are.  Amber is fossilized tree resin, and is produced by repeated distillation, and the groundwork of my weaving is a repeat pattern.  The moving, fluid, floral motif skimming the top is how this scent makes me feel. The time of day I feel I am in when wearing this scent is the early summer evening dusk times, when the sun is still there and it feels beautifully warm on your skin, and all the beautiful colors are mixed together in the sky.  Magical!!

Who is your favorite artist?

Difficult to choose one!!  But here are a few inspiring people for me:  Dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp, Frida Kahlo for her fearless nature and her brilliant painting and color sense, April Gornik and her amazing paintings that immerse you into her worlds, and contemporary textile artists Andrea Donnelly, Jacky Tsai, and Taiana Giefer.


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