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School: Cleveland Institute of Art

Perfume inspiration: Thirty Three by Ex Idolo

Name of Work: “We Went to the Afterlife, In the Afterglow”

Medium of work: Oil on canvas

When and why did you decide to become an artist?


I can’t say that I “decided” to become an artist at a certain time in my life. I am an artist soul. I have always thought creatively, and even as a child often did things differently from “the norm”. During my entire life, I have enjoyed drawing, painting, and making things with my hands. I have a continuous mental stream of visions for paintings and projects.

I decided to pursue a formal education in fine art because I realized that I had skills I did not want to ignore or put on the backburner, and I wanted to “figure out” and gain insight into how one can really embark on a creative career and not just do art as a hobby. I recognized that what I have considered to be my most significant accomplishments are my paintings and creative projects, and I began to honor that my life would not feel like it was evolving into anything markedly meaningful if I was not doing creative work.


Why did you choose that particular fragrance?


I chose Ex Idolo’s Thirty Three because I could not ignore it—it completely overtook me. When I arrived at Indigo for the first time in March, I had had no intentions of choosing a fragrance that could be considered “masculine”. The suspended glass shelf in the boutique featuring the Ex Idolo bottle caught my eye. Then I inhaled the Thirty Three scent. It was so compellingly unusual that my mind immediately wandered into imagining what I could do with the experience of it in a painting. The sensorium of it has a magnitude of depth and mystique.

As I worked on “We Went to the Afterlife, In the Afterglow” in my home painting studio, I poured some of the perfume into paperboard so I could periodically waft it around me and take it in potently while looking at the painting and mixing colors. It was strong enough that it was always detectable in the air without the paper sample in hand, and I thought, “No ordinary person could wear this scent. Whoever does must be dignified, and aloof, but with an alluring magnetism.” I have to say, I have really fallen in love with it from working with it.


Who is your favorite artist?

I could not choose one favorite artist. Historically, I am awed by the dramatic Naturalism of Italian Baroque painters Artemisia Gentileschi and Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi… and the qualities of light by Romantic Landscape painter Frederic Edwin Church. Contemporarily, some of my favorite artists are Teresita Fernandez, Mira Lehr, Lee Price, Ran Ortner, and Patricia Claro.

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