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Valerie Perczek

School: Oberlin College

Perfume inspiration: Ciel d’Opale

Name of Work: “Water Memory”

Medium of work: Video

When and why did you decide to become an artist?

I believe everyone has an inner artist. When we are children we are naturally drawn to music, dance, the visual arts because we are aware of their presence in everyday life. I started painting and experimenting in visual arts at a young age. Recently I identify as a multi media artist that creates video, other visual arts, music, and dance often in performance.

Why did you choose that particular fragrance?

This particular fragrance reminded me of my grandma and being by the beach where I grew up. I was inspired to make a piece about my memories of water and the impressions of my family in my body.

Who is your favorite artist?

Anna Halprin is one of my favorite artists and teachers. She has dedicated herself to transforming lives through artistic processes. She is still teaching at 93 years old.

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