Indigo Perfumery


Now that Indigo is up and running, it’s hard to recall just how different the space was when we first saw it. Its dark, industrial vibe was a bit too much, but its bones were solid and we fell in love. After two months of creating and renovating, we are proud of our gallery space devoted to perfumes and the art of scent.

Here are a few before and during photos for you… we’ll post the afters next.

The Italian-glazed ceramic building was built in 1905.

The previous occupant was into a funky (& dark) industrial look.

Getting rid of the ugly, rough plaster, framing in the inset doorway and window seats.

Next up was deciding on the wall finishes.

This is the focus wall finish, with a custom-mixed Venetian plaster that was finished with Hi-lite blue and violet VP topcoats that can only be seen in certain lighting.

Although this photo does not really show it, we love this previously textured wall that received a mother-of-pearl finish that glows warmly in the shop.

We’re still trying to capture good photos of the finished shop and will bring them to you in short order!

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