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This week’s Spice of the Week is Cardamom, the third most expensive spice following saffron and vanilla.

A native of Southern India, Elettaria cardamomum is a member of the ginger family. Cardamom grows in partial shade, most often in tropical rain forests. The seed pods are gathered from October-December, before they ripen and reach maturity in order to avoid the pods splitting and drying out. For cooking, they are dried in the sun or bleached with sulphur fumes. In perfume making, they pods are steam distilled. Cardamom oil is has a complex scent: sweet, slightly floral, spicy and aromatic, with a pale yellow color.

In ancient Egypt, cardamom seeds were chewed to clean the teeth, in Rome and Greece, cardamom was used in perfumes.

In present day perfume making, cardamom is used to add freshness and a little spice to the fragrance.


The perfumes in Indigo Perfumery’s collection that feature ginger are:

Lonestar MemoriesFils de DieuGoldLa Dame Aux Camélias,

Samarinda, Café Diem and Incense Rosé.

Each is discounted 15% through November 16th.


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