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In the Garden

In the Garden

Frida Khalo: her garden

If you happen to visit New York City before November 1st, be sure to go to the New York Botanical Garden‘s Frida Kahlo exhibit on Art Garden Life. Frida’s colorful (and short) life is interpreted in the growing medium of the garden and its blooms.

Frida's Asclepias

The basis is color, the bonus is scent.

Both are befitting of and reflective of her art.


Bold reds and oranges, bright yellows, cool purples and healing whites were all integral to the paintings of Frida Kahlo.


Frida's Passion Flower


Many of the flowers- esclepias, passion flower, zinnias bougainvillea and sedum have very subtle scents.

The Oriental lilies, marigolds, gardenias and jasmine are very scented and frequently included in the roster of notes used in perfumes.




Frida's MarigoldsFrida's Zinnias

Frida's Gardenias

Frida's Boug



Frida's Rudbeckia









Frida's Sedum


Besides her love for flowers and her garden, one also has the opportunity to observe more than a dozen of her paintings and works on paper.

This is a reimagining of Frida’s studio at the Casa Azul, her Mexico City home.

Frida's studio

Tonight, July 18th, En Voyage‘s new perfume, Frida, makes its debut on the West Coast at Tigerlily Perfumery.

We congratulate Shelley Waddington on her new ode to Frida and look forward to receiving it at Indigo!

Frida perfume sm

In the Garden

Peony Royalty: Tree Peonies

Most people are familiar with the Herbaceous peonies that lose their leaves in winter.

In our garden , we do have several traditional peonies, but the true stars of our spring garden are the Tree peonies, otherwise known as Chinese tree peonies.

Pink peonies copy

Hardy in most of the U.S. (zones 4-9), tree peonies need a bit of space. They will grow large when happy, reaching the size of a shrub or even larger. Tree peonies do lose their leaves in winter, but their woody stems remain and form dazzling sculptures when covered with snow.

Deep pink peony

They prefer sun, but not a whole day of it. To keep the blooms the longest amount of time, dappled shade would be perfect. They should not be planted close to a tree as the tree would rob the generous root system of its needed nutrients.

Most blooms open up to 6″-10″ saucers. Besides their gorgeous colors, they also smell delightful. Their scent is rather green, multi-layered, fresh and a combination of a fruity/rose aroma. Its scent is delicate yet strong.

Their flower petals are too delicate to offer up enough oils to use in perfumery, so if one is smelling a perfume with peony listed as a note, it is an interpretation that draws on a combination of other flowers to mimic the gauzy translucence of the peony petal’s aroma.

This tree peony that is over six feet tall.

Back bed web

Here are a few of this year’s blooms. Needless to say, our garden smells delightful!

Lavender tree peonies web

Dew lavender tree peony

From bud to bloom:

Tree peony story 5-15 copy