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We’d be willing to bet that most would not consider cedar to be an ingredient in perfume. On our Events page, the background photo is a tremendously clear photo of cedar wood, in all of its drippy glory.

You are about to be surprised. Just doing a quick search for cedar on our home page will bring you to a list of 14 fragrances carried at Indigo that contain cedar as a key note.

In fact, it is one of the most common basenotes used in perfumes, providing a clean, calming, distinctively woody accent. The foliage, wood and roots may be steam distilled to provide the cedar oil. Depending on its source, cedar wood can lend a buttery, rich or smoky note to a perfume.

Citrus and cedar are an example of a fragrant blend often used in men’s colognes. But don’t let that fool you. It’s just as interesting and efffective in women’s fragrances. From the more delicate ( Perfect Bliss by Sarah Horowitz or Ann Gerard‘s Ciel d’Opale) to the slightly bolder (Providence Perfume‘s Moss Gown, Magnetic Scent’s Tindrer and Maria Candida Gentile‘s Exultat), cedar’s fresh, clean essence is much appreciated.  20

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