Dark Florals


Dark Florals in Traditional Home’s May 2015’s Secret Garden:

“When set against a dark, inky background, colorful florals seem to radiate a larger-than-life presence. Depending on their pattern and hue, the blooms appear either electrified and voluminous or sophisticated with a slight edge. So take some time to stop and smell these roses.”


We decided to find Indigo’s dark florals and share them with you as we enter the height of the floral season. Stop by for a sniff!


Asphalt Rainbow by Charenton Macerations definitely falls under the sophisticated but edgy category. It is described as “a roughed up rose that’s been hyper-colored, torn apart and twisted on its head, then nailed to the wall for your sniffing pleasure.” Need we say more?


Shay and Blue’s Atropa Belladonna is just what atropa belladonna purports to be: bewitching and mesmerizing. With the heady white blossoms of jasmine and narcissus combining with cassis berries and Bourbon vanilla, it is a beauty.


ROSE flash by Tauerville is an extrait strength rendition of rose in all its glory. There is nothing shy about this rose; you will be asked, “What are you wearing?!” Its sweetness is tempered by the woods and spices that Mr. Tauer is so well known for.


Neroli Blanc Intense by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger is not an innocent neroli or orange blossom perfume. It says evening, date night, come hither, with the base notes of vanilla, balsam and benzoin turning on the charm.


Rose Cut by Ann Gerard bursts forth with a bubbly, happy presence of aldehydes and pink pepper. An exquisite rose quickly becomes evident, which eventually settles down into one heck of a sexy rose and patchouli blend that lingers till dark…


Thirty Three by Ex Idolo is deep, velvety and sensual. Equally memorable on males or females, Thirty Three is all about a rose and its relationship with a fabulous oud.




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