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Francesca Bianchi perfumes arrive at Indigo Perfumery

Indigo welcomes the creations of Francesca Bianchi to our gallery of perfumes.

Francesca Bianchi
Francesca in her lab

We had heard great admiration for this line and decided to answer our customers requests for Francesca Bianchi’s Under My Skin, Sex and the Sea, Angel’s Dust, etc., etc.

Indigo recently interviewed Francesca and invites you to read our conversation. Information on all of her perfumes and ordering can be done HERE.

What is your oldest olfactive memory?

Every time someone asks me this question, I have a different answer, according to how far I can stretch my memory.

All olfactive memories are connected to something which was dear to me. In this very moment, I have in mind the smell of chamomile. When I was a child, my mother took me with her to visit a friend which I liked a lot (she had a swing and a large garden where I could run uncontrolled). In other to reach her, we had to drive through fields of chamomile.

I am also thinking to the tasty smelly strawberries and the sour smell (and taste) of unripe apricot from my grandma’s garden. All my early memories are connected to the Tuscan countryside, where I was born and raised.

Please tell me about your background- your family, education and what path led you to what you’re doing now?

I was born in the countryside, in the outskirt of Florence, and my family worked in the fashion industry as many other families in our area. I studied History of Art, specializing the Contemporary one. I lived in Berlin for writing my dissertation (about Matisse). In the meantime, I was passionate of perfume since forever. My first perfume was YSL Paris, which I got when I was 11 or 12, then Dior Poison at 14, etc. Before possessing a perfume, I had fun smelling my parents’ ones (my father’s Dior Fahrenheit, my mother’s Guy Laroche Fidji). When I turned 28, a friend of mine gave me a book about perfume making, and a handful of essential oil. Since then I started experimenting with raw materials on my own. Some 5 years ago I decided to study harder on my own and improve some formulas. And we finally got my first releases, by end 2016!

How would you describe your artistic style? How has this style developed over time?

It is difficult for me to define my style, as I work basically following my guts, my artistic vision, the need to convey a certain set of emotions, the urge to represent things I have experienced and impressed me.

So I don’t have a specific stylistic intention in my mind. But then, according to most opinions, I can agree on the fact that my perfumes are: sensual, intimate, intense. That’s what can be said about all my works so far! As for the evolution, I think that technically I had an improvement, stylistically I think I have the same obsession on emotions and things secrets J

How do you come up with your particular scent ideas?

I always start by a specific set of ideas, visions, emotions, which have a deep connection with my personal history, and which I hope might touch other people’s emotions too. After a certain idea is settled, obsessively, in my mind, I can start thinking about which are the protagonists of this story: Jasmin and Leather for The Lover’s Tale, for instance, Rose, Iris and Benzoin for Angel’s Dust, etc.

As much I love raw materials, especially the natural ones for their incredible complexity and richness, I use them as actors to convey a certain message. The message is more important than the rest.

Which designers, artists or creative people do you look up to or are inspired by? I could name hundreds of them. Of course I have my favorites (Jacques Guerlain, Maurice Roucel, Bertrand Duchaufour popping up in my mind now), but I look at other ones with utmost interest and need to learn from them. I am thinking about some Italians like Luca Maffei and Cristiano Canali which are giving a great contribution to the artistic panorama.

Where do you do your work?

I have a small laboratory in the top floor of the apartment where I live in Amsterdam. Thanks God I outsourced the production, otherwise I would have exploded! So in my lab I just do creation and of course, shipping!

What are you most proud of professionally? I feel very proud of course when I receive a technical appreciation, highlight how well done a perfume is; but my biggest reward is when I can touch people’s emotion. Any person, not necessarily a perfumista. That’s my unique purpose. There are a lot of beautiful fragrances out there, we don’t need another nice one. But we always need more and more emotions.

What’s the best thing about your job? And the worst? The best thing is staying alone in my laboratory smelling stuff, and failing and starting over again. The worst, is definitely bookkeeping J

What are you looking forward to professionally? I want to have more time to create and do things that make people happy. I am specifically working on a project focused on a feeling-good concept, on luxury intended not as show-off but as private experience of comfort and joy.

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