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The day began with 3.5 inches of rain in 2 hours, with too much of it seeping into our entire basement. Cleanup and drying out is well underway. Unexpected was the relief at purging- good for the soul.

The rain and humidity delighted our scented garden and we were rewarded with Lady of Shalott roses (they smell a bit like tea, but richer with hints of clove and apple),

Lady of Shalott rose

gardenia buds unfolding with their amazing scent

Gardenia bud Gardenia unfurling

and a jasmine sambac plant that is covered with buds about to burst.

Jasmine sambac 1 Jasmine sambac 2

Life is good!

We’ll be smelling these on Sunday as part of Indigo Perfumery’s Mix Your Own Floral Workshop.

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