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Perfumer Viktoria Minya’s Hedonist is stunning- both the juice and the presentation.

During the recent holiday season, Hedonist turned out to not only be a beautiful gift for a loved one, it was also the perfume that women most often treated themselves to.

With its opening shot of rum accented by peach and bergamot, you find yourself wondering how high this will take you. While it certainly makes its opening statement, Hedonist soon settles down into a luscious testimony to the beauty of the trio of white flowers- jasmine, orange blossom and osmanthus, coated with a light honey topping.

Backed up by a tobacco hit, the vetiver makes its appearance as Hedonist mellows into its lingering notes that often last four to five hours. Lovely indeed.

If you’re like we are, it’s fun just to look at the bottle full of bohemian crystals glimmering on your dresser. Its black box of faux snakeskin is beautiful enough to display.

We fear that Hedonist will not be around very long as the second batch is also close to being sold out.

Fair warning!

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