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Continuing the April 2015 Traditional Home New + Next column, Indigo would like to propose the following scents to complement the “soon to be red hot” colors of Cobalt, Blood Orange and Mint.


The color, Cobalt, “packs just the right amount of punch.” Indeed, the perfume Indigo, by the new-on-the-scene Dutch perfume house, Baruti, certainly radiates “ blue summer skies, continuous music, and effervescent big-city life.” The notes include Mastic Oil, Hyacinth, Rose, Frankincense, Atlas Cedar, Sandalwood,Nooud and Amber.

Baruti Perfumer and Fragrance Engineer, Spyros Drosopoulos, creates kaleidoscopic explosions of beauty that can blow you away. His Indigo remix, Berlin im Winter, is reminiscent of an intimate and cozy blanket enveloping you on a long, cold, winter night with notes of Lavender, Mastic Oil, Rose, Iris, Cassis, Plum, Myrrh, Frankincense, Irish Coffee,Nooud, Amber and Leather. Both fragrances have just arrived here at Indigo!


Blood Oranges by Shay and Blue is the obvious choice for Blood Orange, the color. With its “cheerful but sophisticated vibe,” Blood Oranges reveals blood orange throughout. Napa leather precedes the dry down of musk and charred woods.

Backing it up is our other Blood Orange choice, Classic Orange by Von Eusersdorff, also an ode to blood orange. Traveling from crisp to warm, it demonstrates play between blood orange, black tea, osmanthus and suede leather.


Mint the color exudes an “icy cool” feel “with just a bit of sweetness.”
Aqua Sextius, by the elegant Parisian perfume house, Jul et Mad, is a hands down favorite of our customers to wear in spring and summer for an explosion of freshness. It opens with a sparkling citrus effervescence, revealing its mint, white flower and fig heart notes before its slight warming in the base with woods and ambergris.

Our other nomination for its mint inspiration is Providence Perfume’s all natural Eva Luna. This is a spring green, sparkling floral with notes including carrot, fresh mint, tuberose, jasmine and lemon frankincense.


If you have any other color / scent requests, please contact us for your color reinvention.


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