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Mother’s Day Gift: The Career Mother


Mother’s Day will be here soon.

Let Indigo assist you this week with our daily Mother’s Day scent guideline.

We’re matching scents with a wide range of moms.

Today: it’s The Career Mother.

The Career Mother needs a fragrance subtle enough for the office.

Berlin by Gallivant is for the Mom on the go. It is a contrast between fresh top notes (Grapefruit, Clementine, Lemon) and spicy heart notes (Black Pepper and Black Tea) and woody base notes. It is makes a quiet statement, allowing your Mom to wear it confidently. The handy 30 ml. bottle is small enough to slip in her purse or in her take-on bag while flying. A win-win!

Orb_ital by Nomenclature is a woody fragrance that sits fairly close to the skin. Rhubarb and Violet keep it from being too serious, while the other spicy and woody compounds keep this fragrance transparent and light with never a fear of over-spraying. Board Room- check. Elevator- check.

Of course you can always opt for a Gift Card.

To ensure sufficient time for delivery, all web orders should be placed by Monday, May 7th.

Gift wrap is available.

Career 4-24-18

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