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One of our most common requests is for fragrances to wear during the warmer months… for those times when your senses are on overload and you yearn for a clean and subtle fragrance.

You are in luck!

Indigo just brought in several scents that fit the bill perfectly as we are heading into summer. Avoiding heavy, musky or woody scents is preferable during the heat, which intensifies their fragrance and tends to be overpowering.

Instead, try citrus or aquatic scents that smell clean and fresh and will not bother those around you. They tend to wear off quicker, which can be a plus in the humidity. You may need to reapply more often, allowing you to enjoy those top notes and smell great.

(Tip from Andy Tauer himself: “Here’s how to keep the scent of any cologne a bit better: Spray generously on your chest, before putting on a cotton shirt immediately afterwards. The scent will permeate through the cotton and will stick with it, leaving you with a great clean cologne scent almost all day long. Does not work with synthetics….”)

As one of Andy Tauer’s readers described it, the re-release of Cologne du Maghreb is “Sun, bottled.” A true cologne, in the spirit of the first Eau de Cologne created in Germany back in the beginning of the 18th century, it is fresh, light and citrusy with an herbal contrast. Its longevity is longer than a traditional cologne due to its cedar wood and vetiver base. You can spray away and never overwhelm one’s neighbor. And it is an all natural, all botanical creation. Thank you, Andy!

Indigo is also bringing in the new perfume created by Jul et Mad, Aqua Sextius, named after Sextus, the Roman Consul who founded Aix-en-Provence where Madalina and Julien were married and have a second home.

Composed by Cécile Zarokian, this parfum extrait initially smells as if it will be light and airy and short-lived. That assumption is incorrect. Yes, it is light and airy with a beginning citrus note to it, but instead of gradually fading away, it becomes a bit more complex with a deliciously smooth dry down. Its longevity is very good. Words I can attribute to Aqua Sextius are herbal, marine, refreshing and sexy.

And did we tell you that Jul et Mad’s fragrances now also come in 20 ml. “Le Compagnon” sizes- très convenient in many ways.

Check out our Summer Collection and enjoy!

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