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Without a doubt in our spring garden, the tree peony blooms reign over all as the Glamour Girls. Relatively unknown and underutilized in American gardens, the tree peonies consistently produce enormous, colorful blossoms. Our blooms colors include white, blush, pink, coral, cherry red and soft lavender. The dimensions range from a petite six inches to a flat out gaudy twelve inches, with several dozen wavy petals. Most have a soft scent with what I would describe as a top note only: the scent does not last long. But they are worth it.

Tree peonies are actually woody perennial shrubs. Here in the Midwest, they bloom the middle of May, a week or two before the herbaceous peonies. The plants are very slow growers, with about 6 inches of new growth yearly. When they are happy in their location, with dappled sunlight, they respond generously.

The tree peonies not only survived our notoriously harsh winter of 2013-2014, they did great! We’ve had two hundred + blooms these past two weeks. Once the temperature goes above 80 degrees, though, the blooms fry and then disappear.

Oh- and did I mention that they are also deer-resistant? A huge plus!

Here are a few of our Glamour Girls:

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