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Indigo recommends referencing the flowers the bride chooses for her bouquets when choosing the wedding day perfume. A wedding fragrance is not only a special scent but one you will always remember. Chances are, the chosen bouquet flowers may also have that treasured fragrance. Roses are a staple of bridal bouquets, but are often not as scented as they used to be.

Rose Cut, debuting in March, 2014 by Parisian jeweler and perfumer Ann Gerard, is very au courant and nothing like your grandmother wore.

It has been described as effervescent. Fresh.  One customer was stopped twice just last week and asked “What are you wearing?”

Rose Cut is one of those fragrances that reminds you of being in a spring rose garden, but with a twist. With its top notes of rum, aldehydes and pink pepper, it practically sparkles. Roses and peonies appear fairly quickly and remain throughout. Accents of patchouli, vanilla and benzoin ground the scent and contribute to Rose Cut’s excellent sillage and longevity.

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