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Wedding Week wouldn’t be complete without addressing the other half of the bridal couple!

Here are our ideas for romantic fragrances for the groom:

Tan-Tan, the latest release from Coquillete Paris, says exotically masculine.

It begins with a bergamot / pine combination- somewhat spicy with a green feel to it. The heart notes reveal an earthy fig note that joins with geranium to portray its distinctive, longlasting fragrance.

Spicy, fresh.

Wilde, on the other hand, is as smooth as smooth can be.

It’s fruity beginning, with bergamot and grapes, is downright sexy and transparent. Again, carnation and figs make their appearance, but with a totally different outcome. Is it the tea note that tempers their strength? Or is it the oakmoss taming the vetiver in the dry down? Whatever it is, you will appreciate it… and be tempted to borrow it for yourself down the road.

Maria Candida Gentile created Gentile for her son.

Its aromatic opening of Italian basil, mint and lime is a unique blend. It rolls smoothly into its geranium, daphne and osmanthus heart notes, remaining green but with a leathery touch. Gentile becomes a vetiver show the rest of the way.

A modern fougère- lively yet gentle.

Indigo has many other fragrances for men. Although all of our scents are classified as unisex, there are many that may seem to lean more one way or another. The most important thing to consider is always how it combines with your own unique chemistry.

We would love to hear your suggestions as well!

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