Indigo Perfumery


Hand harvested. Hand blended. Hand filled.



Shay and Blue’s delightful, elegant, English boutique perfumery opened 2012 in London. Dom DeVetta, formerly launching the boutique fragrances “Les Exclusifs de Chanel” and as Global General Manager of Jo Malone Ltd., is a passionate seeker of the finest talent in perfumery.  Dom’s search for a new nose with character and warmth ended as soon as he discovered Julie Massé, the up-and-coming perfumer with a flair for taking perfume’s greatest accords and updating them with a dose of modernity.


Dom and Julie oversee dozens of skilled individuals at seasonal harvests of delicate crops in Grasse, France. The queen of roses, May rose, in May. White narcissus in June. Lavender in July. The August jasmine harvest. The autumnal crops of cassis berries and limes. Winter picking of delicate mimosa and juicy blood orange. After the painstaking work of hand harvesting and distillation of the fragrance oils, later in East London at their fine fragrance atelier, expert craftsmen take delivery of the precious fragrance oils from Grasse. They hand mix the fragrances and mature the blends for over three months before filling the soft blue glass.


Inspired by the great perfume classics, their approach has been to reinvent perfume to be current and contemporary. Olfactory diversity is very much displayed with a fragrance for every taste. Six of the eight perfumes come in two sizes, 100ml. and 30ml.; the Fragrance Concentrees, Oud Alif and Blacks Club Leather come in the 100 ml. size only.



Each Shay and Blue bottle comes beautifully packaged in a beribboned box.



And did we mention that there are also four scrumptious scented candles

to spend the cooler evenings with?


We are confident that you will find Shay and Blue fragrances to be truly fine.

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